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2018 Results

Last Year’s Results


1st – Grocers Company.
2nd – Drapers Company
3rd – Skinners Company
4th – Merchant Taylors Company
5th – Fishmongers Company
6th – Clothworkers Company
7th – Ironmongers Company
8th – Haberdashers Company
9th – Salters Company
10th – Mercers Company and Vintners Company  
12th – Goldsmiths Company

Cruisers 2018

1st – Mercers Company – TideChaser
2nd – Mercers Company – Jolie Brise
3rd – Grocers Company – Crakajax
4th – Goldsmiths Company – Jack Easy
5th – Goldsmiths Company – Jin Tonic
6th – Skinners Company – Ariel
7th – Clothworkers – Bramble

Last Year’s results

 Total PointsCompany AggregatePresent Position
Mercers (old)2210=
Mercers (young)1436
Grocers (old)21
Grocers (young)911
Drapers (old)72
Drapers (young)512
Fishmongers (old)135
Goldsmiths (old)2012
Goldsmiths (young)1838
Merchant Taylors (old)104
Merchant Taylors1020
Skinners (old)73
Skinners (young)1017
Haberdashers (old)98
Haberdashers (young)2130
Salters (old)189
Salters (young)1634
Ironmongers (old)167
Ironmongers (young)1329
Vintners (old)1910=
Vintners (young)1736
Clothworkers (old)106
Clothworkers (young)1727

Running Totals 2018

 Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 
(Old Guard)(Young Guard)(Last 6)(First 6)
Boat PositionBoatPosition Boat PositionBoatPosition
Mercers Old410212
Mercers Young14110
Grocers Old11151
Grocers Young12247
Drapers Old3265
Drapers Young2382
Fishmongers Old7835
Fishmongers Young8892
Goldsmiths Old81258
Goldsmiths Young461012
Merchant Taylors Old57103
Merchant Taylors Young11139
Skinners Old64113
Skinners Young9961
Haberdashers Old2376
Haberdashers Young7101111
Salters Old121117
Salters Young
Ironmongers Old5779
Ironmongers Young151211
Vintners Old991210
Vintners Young3DNF84
Clothworkers Old10624
Clothworkers Young101146

This year’s Great Twelve Sailing Challenge will take place in Seaview on 27th - 28th May 2022.