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The organisers are keen to attract a wider sponsorship. This is an opportunity for any company or organisation to promote themselves to a market where many of the attendees are the decision makers from large organisations not only within the City but beyond. The Great Twelve Livery Companies themselves arguably make the highest contribution to charities, education and research than many of the other livery companies.  If you are interested please contact us.

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Past Sponsor Sarasin & Partners

Sarasin & Partners (£13.3 billion* AUM) are a leading global thematic investment manager specialising in charity portfolios worth £6.5bn* for 424 discretionary clients. Our commitment to ‘stewardship’ principles embeds environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment process.  Using our Compendium of Investment, we have trained 5,000 Trustees and executives.


john.handford@sarasin.co.uk www.sarasinandpartners.com


*as at 31.03.19